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The Side Door Service

The Side Door Service was born in June of 2009. It has been a fast and furious and exciting time. We've seen a lot of growth and all of Tabernacle can be proud of what we have achieved. We've had many baptisms and several new members and attendees brought into the faith and into Tabernacle. Unshackled has grown from the original 4 members to 8 regularly participating members. Attendance at the Side Door has grown from the initial 30-something attendees to regular attendance by over 80 people. The Side Door Service has become a regular and strong part of Tabernacle.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who was involved in the startup of the Side Door Service and all who continue to make it a success. We look forward to celebrating our 9th birthday this June. We appreciate the open and welcoming posture at Tabernacle that created the Side Door and has allowed it to thrive. All of Tabernacle can be proud.

Side Door Service Photo
Worship Leader welcomes everyone to the Side Door Palm Sunday Service

Thanks again to all who have been volunteering their time and resources supporting the Caf on the Side. The refreshments and fellowship opportunity at the Caf on the Side are open to all and it is a great opportunity for all Tabernacle attendees to mingle with those from other services and to greet our visitors. This fellowship opportunity is largely supported by your donations of food, time, and money. It is a great pleasure to see participants from all three services mingling and greeting each other at the Caf on the Side.

If you've not checked out The Side Door Service yet, you are welcome to do so every Sunday at 11 :00 am. And as always, everyone is invited to refreshments and fellowship at the Caf on the Side every Sunday morning.